Posterous permite actualizar sus social media a través de un correo. Así de simple.

Sin importar el formato: texto, video, fotos… ni la talla, Posterous le permite enviar un correo para que dicha información se publique en su cuenta de Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, otra red social o a su propio blog.

Es así de simple. Por eso al preguntarle a algunos de los usuarios twitteros sobre la razón por la que usaban Posterous, sus respuestas coincidieron al hablar sobre la simpleza del servicio:

raymond marr“It is simple and straightforward and able to be easily converted to a domain, I was glad to learn of it and use it regularly.” Raymond Marr

“I think it’s great. I use it instead of flickr cause I can post anything. The best part is it houses all my tweeted imgs” David Fung

Harsh“I think its filled a vry small but vital gap between technology n usability. Just made the whole concept of blogging so simpleHarsh G.

“I like the simplicity. Great 4 quick thoughts,bookmarks,and appparently posting multimedia. Better than Tumblr for those uses”. Jason Evans

“In my opinion Posterous’ easy access approach could revolutionize blogging and all other sorts of online plattform”. Christof Flachsmann

“Posterous is easily the best & simplest blogging platform out there. You focus on content, they take care of publishing.Try it” Aviraj Saluja


“I think its cool because i don’t need to be specific about what i post. I use for thoughts, ideas, random info, etc.” Anthony V. Gibby

“I think # posterous totally good. The design and presentation are totally great. And it is easy to use…” Yvi

#Posterous is very nice, but I think it hasn’t many themes and customization options. By the way the base is complete and good” Doctor Blaster.



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